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SLP Engineering united by Material Advantage

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Oil & Gas

SLP Engineering is primarily focused on providing design and engineering services to the EPC and EPIC construction market.

During 2003 SLP Engineering recognised there was a lack of communication between its business disciplines, and specifically between Engineering and Procurement. This often led to materials being ordered that were not required, the wrong materials being ordered and often too many items being ordered. Because of these manual processes there was a lack of visibility within the organisation.

SLP acknowledged that they frequently over spent and overran on projects, meaning significant, but potentially avoidable, losses to the business.

SLP Management agreed that if these key business areas were integrated they would have far more visibility of spend. They would also be able to ensure that problems encountered with project overruns and wrong materials would be overcome.

From business level discussions it was agreed that Material Advantage would help overcome these issues that were affecting SLP’s operation.
Material Advantage is an integrated project procurement and materials management software system that delivers an immediate return. It ensures that what is designed is what is procured, and delivered when needed.
By working closely with key members of SLP in their Design, Engineering, Procurement, Materials Management, Construction and Planning functions a tailored business solution was proposed that fully met both requirements and expectations.
Following a successful 8 week implementation programme Material Advantage became operational in late 2003 and was immediately deployed for use on 4 major Oil & Gas projects.

SLP saw an immediate return on their investment in Material Advantage and have used the system as the backbone of many projects since its implementation. These projects cover the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Minimal Facilities Platforms and Accommodation, Production and Process Modules. Projects that have been managed by Material Advantage include:

Conoco Phillips Kelvin, Saturn, Mimas & Tethys
ATP Kilmar & Garrow
Shell Goldeneye & Carrick
Pemex HA-KU-S & HA-KU-M
BP Thanet

Darren Cecil, Process Engineer at SLP Engineering and System Administrator for Material Advantage since 2007, commented “Material Advantage was clearly the right decision for the business as it has overcome the difficulties of communication between our Engineering & Procurement departments. This has the benefit of a massive reduction of waste and over ordering of materials. Material Advantage has been further enhanced through interfacing with our accounts system and has improved reporting and cost analysis against projects.”