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Information backbone for the Aircraft Carrier Alliance

Aircraft Carrier Aliiance


The Aircraft Carrier Alliance is an innovative alliance comprising industrial participants and MOD – in which the MOD acts as both client and participant – responsible for delivery of the future aircraft carriers (CVF), HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES. For the Manufacture Phase of the project the Industrial Participants will be: the BAE Systems / VT planned Joint Venture, Thales, Babcock and BAE Systems (Surface Ships & Insyte).

In a joint venture scenario the use of differing systems provides many challenges when project management needs to be centrally managed and visibility is needed on a daily basis. The UK’s Aircraft Carrier Alliance (ACA) project needed to overcome this significant hurdle to ensure visibility and traceability throughout the project. A key requirement was the capability to share information with existing ACA partner systems and other applications used within the project.

The time taken to put together a contract which could comprise up to 200 different documents needed to be shortened enormously to improve efficiency of the project and ensure that the project worked within strict budgets and timelines.

Material Advantage is an integrated project procurement, contracts and materials management software solution that delivers an immediate return. Configurable and flexible it can be tailored to meet the demands of the most challenging project requirements.

From a series of client meetings Material Advantage was selected due to a combination of its existing workflows, interface capabilities, its ability to be tailored to fit requirements and the thorough understanding demonstrated by KoreSupport of the demands of working within an alliance environment.

Following its successful deployment Material Advantage gave immediate benefits to the project.

Material Advantage automatically generates contract documents, and retrieves many others via interfaces to the project’s electronic document vault, for inclusion in a contract pack. All documents are then filed in a contract structure for final print out and signing.

Prior to the introduction of Material Advantage, this was an awkward and most lengthy process, often taking several weeks to complete. Now that Material Advantage has been deployed, this process has been shortened, significantly, to a matter of hours.

Importantly, Material Advantage also highlights when a document has been withdrawn from the document vault to be worked on and re-issued at a new revision. This acts as an alert that a document included in a contract has been changed, with possible implications to the terms of the contract.

Illustrating the time saving that Material Advantage brings to the project, Agnes Cowper, Supply Chain Lead for the ACA commented: “A contract pack that usually takes up to a month to generate can now be fully completed in a couple of hours, which includes entering all of the information into Material Advantage. Once the information is there, Material Advantage takes just a few minutes to put the pack together”.