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Suppliers / Vendors Module

All the basics

Sometimes half the battle is just getting the basics right, but with our Suppliers module we believe we've got all the bases covered.

As you would expect, koreAdvantage handles all of the basic suppliers details you are ever likely to need from multiple addresses, contacts and abbreviated names for each supplier etc. However it is with the advanced functions of the Suppliers module where the real power lies. 

The ability to drill down on individual supplier activity, keep an eye on how they are performing, the ability to assign an approval status, linking them to your fianance system and making sure that their certification is up-to-date ensures that you are procuring from the very best suppliers.


Historical Data

Every shred of data pertaining to a particular supplier is collated and stored against that supplier's record, available for easy retrieval when the time should come.

Whether it is a request for the total spend with a particular supplier, broken down by individual purchase orders, to the number of bids a supplier has been successful with, all the answers are little more than a mouse click away.

It is this analysis of the historical data that koreAdvantage provides that gives those involved in supplier management tremendous visibility over their entire supplier network, allowing the selection of suppliers for each project to be a more informed decision.



koreAdvantage tracks suppliers against multiple categories to give you added visibility to your supplier management.

Out of the box, koreAdvantage uses industry standard categories for recording supplier performance, however this is easily customisable to ensure that you receive the analysis that is critical to your organisation.

Highlight your best and worst performing suppliers to safeguard that purchase orders are not made with unreliable suppliers, and projects are not put in jeopardy by problematic outside influences.