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Site Material Control Module


They say the Great White Shark holds the title of having the best tracking abilities in the world, due to a keen stereoscopic sense of smell, acute hearing paired with several other supportive senses. These highly advanced and specialised skills set the Great White Shark apart from everything else and gives it the edge when it really counts.

With koreAdvantage you can lay claim to this title yourself. By gaining advanced and specialised tools, that have been refined and evolved over many years, you can now track materials and deliveries to an unprecedented level, by splitting items into their individual components, or separate deliveries, broken down however you wish.

Track those deliveries every step of the way, from leaving your supplier, to arrival at the destination, and then on to the construction site, project warehouse or their final location.

koreAdvantage's acclaimed levels of traceability and visibility are rooted in the Site Material Control module, and the features within our Expediting component go a long way in helping us secure that acclaim.

Goods Received Note

Often when delays occurs, it's not because something didn't arrive, or the wrong item arrived. Many times, the delay is simply caused by a break down in communication, by staff not informing others or records not being kept up to date 

That's why, when goods are received into your warehouses and depots, that information is automatically and instantly fed through the system to make sure that every member of your organisation who needs to know, knows. And when a real problem does occur, when a delivery is over, short, or even damaged, koreAdvantage makes it simple to record and deal with this exception.



Construction drawings are used to fabricate a design. Drawings are sometimes produced months in advance of materials arriving, or up-revved to show changes in design throughout the project. The process of sourcing the materials from stock can be lengthy as Material Control assign the correct materials, as well as checking whether stock is even available.

The work plan module by Kore Strategic Solutions takes two approaches to solving this bottle neck in the process.

Soft Allocation – ‘Can we’ type scenarios. A drawing/system/line or multiples are loaded into the module, the system then automatically checks the drawings in priority order and tells you what you can or cannot do. If nothing can be done, it will advise WHEN it can be, based on the arrival of new materials. It also uses Materials that are in a quarantined state IF the user so chooses, which will allow the expediting of conformance to release the materials for use.

Hard Allocation – If Soft Allocation succeeds then the Material Controller can choose to produce the issue note automatically, vastly reducing the time taken to gather the locations for all material, and reducing the chance for error when raising the issue. An issue note is automatically produced for materials to be retrieved from the warehouse or lay down areas.

Materials on an Issue Note can be 'Picked' to reserve them, and 'Issued' to show they have been issued to construction.

It is sometimes necessary to return materials from issue, the Material Issuing module in koreAdvantage allows you to quickly and easily raise a returns note and return the stock you need in whatever quantities remain.