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Reporting Module

Flexible to meet your business

Our fully customisable and dynamic reporting suite cements the visibility and traceability that koreAdvantage gives to your organisation. 

Managers and users can have access to different levels of reporting, each tailored to their needs. Only pertinent information is displayed allowing each user to focus on the information that is important to them.

In addition to this, alerts can be set up to make sure that no one misses important events or milestones approaching.

Integrated throughout koreAdvantage

Having all that information in a system that affects so many areas of a business would be pretty useless unless that data can be presented in a simple and meaningful manner.

We integrate our reporting module throughout the whole system to guarantee that the data is pulled from every touch-point within the system and keeps everyone informed to make sure the project stays on time and on budget.

Focus on one link in the long chain of procurement and materials management, or get a birds-eye view of how your organisation is performing, one of koreAdvantage's major strengths is being able to collate and report on exactly what your business is doing, and alert you to risks.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool

By default, koreAdvantage leverages the strengths of a reporting solution called Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT).

BIRT is a reporting engine that gives users great flexibility offering many different formats including the industry standard HTML, PDF, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word, you can be sure that your reports are obtainable in which ever configuration you require.

Of course we're always willing to be flexible to meet your needs and can accommodate other popular reporting frameworks like Crystal Reports and SQL Server Reporting Services.