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Projects Module

Procurement Planning

As every good procurement manager knows, planning is everything. Any delays at these early stages can cause a project massive time overruns. Failure to identify and plan for risk increases unpredictability and is a major factor in project overruns.

The procurement planing module within koreAdvantage, gives you all the tools to create a detailed procurement plan, including the ability to set milestones for key activities, to ensure that your project finishes on time and within budget.

As with all projects, delays are common and being able to adjust your procurement plan is vital to ensure visibility across the project.  Using koreAdvantage this is simple and easy to do.



Over 40% of capital projects routinely overrun on time and cost.

koreAdvantage allows you to break down your budgets into as many sub budgets as you wish with built in functionality to alert you when you approach the pre-set limits of your budgets.  

All budgetary information can be entered manually or alternatively synchronised to your finance system to ensure that accrual allocations are up-to-date and eliminate the need for manual data entry.



Many organisations have complex approval processes in place to ensure corporate conformity and audit policy.

koreAdvantage allows you to quickly and easily mirror these approval processes without the need to twist or deform your current approval practices just so they can work digitally.

With your organisation structure mapped into koreAdvantage it is easy to ensure these approvals follow the correct chain of command, deal with holidays and absence effortlessly and receive alerts when an approval requires action.