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Procurement Module


Ensuring that you are keeping on top of RFIs, RFQs and RFPs can be daunting. You get your list of materials, you spend time collating all the engineering and supplier related documentation you may need, then spend hours creating your enquiry, making the same edits to each enquiry pack for multiple suppliers, and then just as you think you've finished, further changes are requested.

With koreAdvantage, all the information is fed through the system automatically. This ensures that you never need to worry whether the information you are currently looking at is up-to-date, because it always is.

All of the required documentation, specifications, drawings and Supplier Document Required Lists are all pulled through automatically, you'll always be selecting the latest, most up-to-date revision from the documentation library in koreAdvantage.

And once all this work has been completed, the Enquiry module displays its tour de force; automatically and effortlessly create your enquiry packs and send to all, or specifically selected, suppliers using whichever method and format you desire.

Bids / Tenders

It's easy to get lost in an ocean of line items and prices when reviewing bids and evaluating which supplier is offering the best tender. With one supplier pitching a large discount on one item, whilst another supplier suggests a replacement for a discontinued item, in amongst prices for tens or hundreds of other items it's understandable that organisations rarely manage to pick out the optimal tender option.

koreAdvantage gives you unprecedented levels of analysis of all aspects of returned bids. Compare payment and delivery terms, line item costs and discounts, enabling you to see exactly where the best options lay.

You also have the ability to selectively pick out different items from different suppliers allowing you to create purchase orders that represent the optimal procurement option.

Our industry leading bid management system delivers transparency throughout the bid process making sure that no cost saving opportunities escape through the net.


Purchase Orders

The purchase order represents the keystone of your supply chain activities. It is the amalgamation of your engineering requirements, mixed with the supplier's capabilities, that sets up the fulfilment of those engineering requirements to ensure a successful project conclusion.

Over the years, the koreAdvantage Order module has evolved into the most comprehensive purchasing module available on the market.

Track all aspects of your purchase order and corresponding items, score the suppliers performance, use project approvals to ensure conformity to corporate policies and procedures, automatically log critical information for spend performance and monitor engineering and supplier document and certification.

Whilst we at Kore Strategic Solutions pride ourselves on being able to tailor each solution to our individual client needs, our Order module is regularly the least customised module in the system. We put this down to a world beating recipe of industry knowledge, mixed with a flexible software design together with all the features that any organisation might require from a procurement system.