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Materials Module

Material Coder

Here at Kore Strategic Solutions we're no strangers to seeing large material catalogues, brimming with materials that are either duplicated or erroneous. It is all too easy to become confused as to whether a material already exists in a catalogue, so with koreAdvantage we made sure we created a feature that puts a stop to this.

The koreAdvantage Material Coder.

Easy to set up and customise, the koreAdvantage Material Coder assigns a specific value to each characteristic of a material and then automatically creates a unique code for that specific material, essentially mapping that materials DNA.

This simple to use system greatly improves the traceability of materials throughout your organisation and more importantly of that item within the life cycle of a project.  


Material Catalogues

As one of the cornerstones of procurement, good materials management requires a system that can uniquely and accurately document each material and index them to ensure they are easy to find in amongst hundreds, or thousands, of similar records.

Thankfully, koreAdvantage material catalogues do exactly that.

As a bonus feature, koreAdvantage gives you the ability to cross index multiple material catalogues, allowing you to maintain several material catalogues, but still uniquely identify materials that sit in more than one catalogue.


Historical Data

Just like our Suppliers Module, koreAdvantage keeps a record of every instance of a material being used, requisitioned, ordered, stocked, shipped and received, as well as cost and usage data.

This gives you in depth analysis of when you've used materials, highlights opportunities to bulk buy across projects and assists in re-allocation of resources should problems arise with shipments.

Whether it is complications with conformity, anxiety with audits, vexation with visibility or troubles with traceability, koreAdvantage's remarkable materials management system will make your misery melt away.