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Engineering Module

Material Take Off

koreAdvantage gets to work right from the very earliest stages of activity commencing on the project. As soon as engineers begin to put together designs and assemblies, the files, including CAD and PDMS can be imported into koreAdvantage.

The automatic import of materials into koreAdvantage removes the need for manual data entry, removing the risk of errors as well as saving time and money. In addition, it also allows you to begin planning for long lead items at the earliest possible stage of a project.

There is also the opportunity for your engineering or procurement team to review the materials that will be required on the up-coming project and amalgamate requisitions and purchase orders for those materials with similar requisitions or purchase orders on other projects.

Bill of Materials

Most of us know how annoying it is when we get to the last component when building flat-pack furniture and discover that the last screw is missing. Obviously, when it comes to capital projects things are quite different, however the principle is the same and it is just as vital to ensure that your list of required materials is 100% complete.

Un-ordered or missing items cause resources to be spent in finding where the supply chain broke down, more time spent creating additional requisitions and orders, as well as potential delays on-site whilst people wait for those materials to arrive.

By automatically converting your imported Material Take Offs into Bill of Materials, all within koreAdvantage, you ensure that every single component is requisitioned, ordered, delivered and traced.

Achieve full traceability and reporting on every single component right from day one of the project.



The link between engineering and procurement is a vital one, and one that often leads to communication and data entry or workflow issues.

koreAdvantage helps your engineers organise the Bill of Materials into packages of work, which are automatically converted into requisitions. The data is never re-entered and so manual data entry is eliminated, along with the risk of data entry errors. The requisition lists the materials, all required documentation, and also key dates for the materials all in one easy to view place.

At the click of a button, all that information is consolidated into your own recognisable format, ready to send on to procurement for sourcing. 

koreAdvantage's Requisition module also boasts an electronic workflow, making sure that every department has visibility of relevant information, and can approve the work to progress through to your procurement team for sourcing.