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Deliver cost savings directly to your bottom line

koreAdvantage can deliver real, tangible savings to your organisation, reducing your operating costs and increasing your profit margins.

Whether your project is bleeding money in time and budget overruns, losing track of what materials have been ordered or where they are, or simply just spending too much time processing orders through old, archaic, legacy systems, koreAdvantage gives you the solutions required to perfect your procurement and materials management.



Find your needle in a haystack

Is your organisation struggling to locate its key materials, gain access to its generators or spending serious time searching for sensors?

With koreAdvantage your engineers or procurement team can assign tracking numbers to individual components right from the moment they are entered into the system, allowing you to know exactly where each nut and bolt is right through the life cycle of the project.

Be it is an oil seal on an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea, or a tonne of steel in your vast stock warehouse, koreAdvantage can quickly point you in the right direction, saving you considerable time and money.



Know what you have, where ever it is

It doesn't take much for a project to reach a size where by it starts to become difficult to keep track of which materials have been ordered, which have already been delivered, which deliveries were incorrect, which have already been sent on to site, or redirected to another warehouse or depot because the original destination is already full.

A big part of what makes koreAdvantage the industries leading procurement and materials management solutions is the visibility that our users benefit from.

The general day-to-day activities cease to be a concern, and users are free to deal with any problems that may be arising, or plan for any risk that the system may have highlighted.



Designed for Capital Projects...

We've seen numerous organisations try to butcher various bits of software into managing procurement for capital projects, despite the fact that the software has not been designed with this task in mind. By heavily modifying these ill-fitting systems, these organisations never benefit from a system designed for the job, but also dilute many of the benefits that the butchered piece of software gave them too.

Traditional enterprise resource planning systems or finance software (or worse, plain old spreadsheets) give no thought to the generator that is useless without the correct certification, nor the concept of a long lead item, that has to be ordered months before anything else.

koreAdvantage has been designed by engineering and procurement professionals and we have refined it over many years to ensure that it meets the needs of the most demanding capital projects. From day one project planning to project handover on completion day, from the designation of long lead items during planning to the receipt of materials or components in your warehouse.

By using the right tools for the job, all the pieces of your IT infrastructure puzzle begin to slot together effortlessly.



...by the industries best practices

koreAdvantage is the result of engineers, buyers, expediters and finance people working together to collectively map and help build what are considered to be the best practices in the industry.  

These best practices are stitched into the very fabric of not only our products, but also our esteemed customer service. Customer service that is extolled by our existing clients, and revered by our competition.

By using our products, like koreAdvantage, your organisation will gain all these years of experience and know-how; it'll be just like you've gained an extra employee to advise you on all the best ways in which to conduct your procurement and materials management activities.


Allow your users to focus on their jobs

Of course all of the above benefits are neutralised if the users of the system are impeded by a system that is clunky, confusing, slow or down right difficult to use.

At Kore Strategic Solutions we strive to stay on the bleeding edge of usability and user experience by meticulously studying and practising the latest approaches to Human Computer Interaction (HCI), visual design, interaction design and information architecture.

When woven together with our best practices, users of koreAdvantage will be able to accelerate through their everyday procurement and materials management tasks without any hindrance or handicap. Our software becomes the invisible tool that fades into the background allowing our users to focus on their job, giving your organisation a further edge over the competition.